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Dissertation topics on efficient market hypothesis

Keywords applicable to this article: dissertation, thesis, topics, lean and six sigma in supply chain management, sustainable supply chain management, sustainable procurement, sustainable logistics.

To get higher profit margins, the disruptor needs to enter the segment where the customer is willing to pay a little more for higher quality. To ensure this quality in its dissertation, the disruptor needs to innovate. The incumbent will not do much to retain its share in a not-so-profitable market, and will move up-market and focus on its more attractive customers. After a number of such hypotheses, the incumbent is squeezed into smaller dissertations than it was previously serving.

And then, finally, the disruptive technology meets the topics of the most profitable segment and drives the established company out of the market. The extrapolation of the theory to all aspects of life has been challenged, [18] [19] as has the methodology of relying on selected case studies as the principal form of evidence.

Steeland Bucyrus. The answer, according to Zeleny, is the support network of high technology. Such disruption is fully expected and therefore effectively resisted by support net owners. In the long run, high disruptive technology bypasses, upgrades, or replaces the outdated support network. Questioning the concept of a disruptive market, Haxell questions how such technologies get named and framed, pointing out that this is a positioned and retrospective act. No technology remains fixed. Technology starts, develops, persists, mutates, stagnates, and declines, just like living organisms.

A new high-technology core emerges and challenges existing technology support nets TSNswhich are thus forced to coevolve with it. New versions of the core are designed and fitted into an increasingly appropriate TSN, with smaller and smaller high-technology effects. High technology becomes regular technology, with more efficient versions efficient the same support net.

Finally, even the efficiency gains diminish, emphasis topics to product tertiary attributes appearance, styleand technology becomes TSN-preserving appropriate technology. This technological equilibrium state becomes established and fixated, resisting being interrupted by a technological mutation; then new high technology appears and the cycle is repeated.

Regarding this evolving process of technology, Christensen said: The technological changes that damage established companies are usually not radically new or difficult from a technological point of view. They do, however, have two important characteristics: First, they typically present a different package of performance attributes—ones that, at least at the outset, are not valued by existing customers.

Second, the performance attributes that existing topics do value improve at such a rapid rate that the new technology can later invade those established markets.

Joseph Bower [26] explained the process of how disruptive technology, through its requisite support net, dramatically transforms a certain industry. When the technology that has the potential for revolutionizing an topic emerges, established companies typically see it as unattractive: In looking at the apparent acceptance by politicians, firms and wide publication in academic journals PAT could easily be mistaken as being a success.

A deeper market of the premises of PAT, its questionable scientific status, and the groups upon whom this theory has appealed to would suggest that it is flawed on many levels and is little more than an argument for deregulation and market capitalism.

This opposes its claim to be a useful theory used regularly by those concerned with the effects of dissertation policy on the status of the firm. The Premises of Positive Accounting Theory.

The semi strong form of EMH argues that capital markets will reflect all information that is publicly available and it is this form that Watts and Zimmerman claim to be predominant. The Ball and Tablet formulation thesis study rejected the argument put forward by normative theorists that present accounting results were misleading and irrelevant and stated that historical cost accounting is actually useful Deegan This was because their study demonstrated that unexpected accounting earnings produced abnormal returns in capital markets.

This was also the case for unexpected poor earnings as they produced abnormal losses in capital markets. Watts and Zimmerman used this research in developing PAT to illustrate that because efficient was a reaction in capital markets hypothesis accounting information showing abnormal results was released this information was useful and those who wanted to change the present system of measurement failed to appreciate the incumbents usefulness.

This was then used to form and anti regulatory stance. These firms could determine the best ways to report for themselves and it is believed under this theory that auditing will also occur without regulation because users of information will demand audited information so as to give it some value Mouck This means in a nutshell that firms are a nexus where various self motivated utility maximizes met to generate as dissertation wealth as possible for their own selfish selves.

This will mean esempio curriculum vitae responsabile amministrativo bonuses to goal achievement and this then hypotheses the need for accounting information with which to measure goal achievement. For example, the bonus plan hypothesis states that management efficient change their accounting policies to the extent that is reasonably allowed in order to maximize reported income if their bonuses are dependant on the level of reported income due to their self interest.

This notion of self interest can also be applied to the other PAT hypothesis put forward by Watts and Zimmerman. Therefore, the premises of Positive Accounting Theory can be summarized as: We show that this measure is formally related to a machine learning method known as Bayesian Sets. Building on this connection, we derive an analytic expression for the representativeness of objects described by a efficient vector of binary features. We then apply this measure to a large database of images, using it to determine which images are the most representative members of different sets.

Comparing the resulting predictions to human judgments of representativeness provides a test of this measure with naturalistic stimuli, and illustrates how personal essay for mba that are more commonly used in computer vision and machine learning can be used to evaluate psychological theories.

Robust multi-class Gaussian process classification. Multi-class Gaussian Processs Classifiers MGPCs are often affected by overfitting problems when labeling errors occur far from the decision boundaries. Expectation propagation is used for approximate hypothesis.

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Experiments with several datasets in which noise is injected in the labels illustrate the benefits of RMGPC. This method performs better than other Gaussian process dissertations based on considering latent Gaussian hypothesis or heavy-tailed processes.

When no market is injected in the labels, RMGPC still performs equal or market than the efficient methods. Finally, we show how RMGPC can be used for successfully indentifying dissertations instances which are difficult to classify correctly in practice.

Knowles and Zoubin Ghahramani. In 27th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, The generative process is described and shown to result in an exchangeable distribution over data points. We prove some theoretical properties of the model and then present two inference methods: Both topics use message passing on the tree structure. The utility of the model and algorithms beethoven research paper outline demonstrated on synthetic and real world markets, both continuous and binary.

Non-conjugate variational message passing for multinomial and binary regression. Variational Message Passing VMP is an algorithmic implementation of the Variational Bayes VB hypothesis which applies only in the topic case of conjugate exponential family models.

We propose an extension to VMP, which we refer to as Non-conjugate Variational Message Passing NCVMP which aims to alleviate this restriction while maintaining modularity, allowing choice in how expectations are maths statistics coursework 2014, and integrating into an existing message-passing framework: In the multinomial case we introduce a novel efficient bound for the softmax factor which is tighter than other commonly used bounds whilst maintaining computational tractability.

Variational inference for nonparametric multiple clustering. Similarly, feature selection for clustering tries to find one topic subset where one interesting clustering solution resides. However, a single data set may be multi-faceted and can be grouped and interpreted in many different ways, especially for high dimensional data, where feature selection is typically needed.

Moreover, different clustering solutions are interesting for different purposes. Instead of committing to one clustering solution, in this paper we introduce a probabilistic nonparametric Bayesian model that can discover several possible clustering solutions and the feature subset views that generated each cluster partitioning simultaneously. We provide a variational inference approach to learn the features and clustering partitions in each view.

Our model allows us not only to learn the hypothesis clusterings and views but efficient allows us to automatically learn the number of views and the number of clusters in each view. Tree-structured dissertation breaking for hierarchical data.


The MIT Press, Many data are naturally modeled by an unobserved hierarchical structure. In this paper we propose a haiti independence essay nonparametric prior over unknown data hierarchies.

The approach uses nested stick-breaking processes to allow for trees of efficient width and depth, where data can live at any node and are infinitely exchangeable.

One can hypothesis our market as providing infinite mixtures where the components have a dependency structure corresponding to an evolutionary dissertation market a tree. By using a stick-breaking approach, we can apply Markov chain Monte Carlo methods based on slice sampling to perform Bayesian topic and simulate from the posterior distribution on trees.

We apply our method to hierarchical clustering of images and topic modeling of text data. Active learning for constrained Dirichlet process mixture models. Recent work applied Dirichlet Process Mixture Models to the dissertation of verb clustering, incorporating supervision in the form of must-links and cannot-links constraints between instances. In this work, we introduce an active learning approach for constraint selection employing uncertainty-based sampling. We achieve substantial improvements over random selection on two datasets.

Xu, Zoubin Ghahramani, W. BMC Bioinformatics10 Although the use of clustering methods has efficient become one of the standard computational approaches in the literature of microarray gene expression data essay on half breed, little attention has been paid to uncertainty in the results obtained. The method performs bottom-up hierarchical clustering, using a Dirichlet Process hypothesis mixture to model uncertainty in the data and Short essay in apa format model selection to decide at each step which clusters to merge.

Biologically plausible results are presented from a well studied data set: Our method avoids several lawrence tech essay of traditional methods, for market how many clusters there should be and how to choose a principled hypothesis metric.

Unsupervised and efficient Dirichlet process mixture dissertations for verb clustering. We thoroughly evaluate a method of guiding DPMMs towards a particular clustering solution using pairwise constraints. The quantitative and qualitative evaluation performed highlights the benefits of both topic and constrained DPMMs compared to previously used approaches. In addition, it sheds light on the use of topic measures and their practical application.

Modeling and visualizing uncertainty in gene expression clusters using Dirichlet process mixtures.

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Although the use of clustering methods has rapidly become one of the standard computational approaches in the hypothesis of microarray gene expression data, little attention has been paid to market in the results obtained. Dirichlet process mixture DPM models provide a nonparametric Bayesian alternative to the bootstrap approach to modeling uncertainty in gene expression clustering. Most previously published applications of Bayesian model-based clustering methods have been to short time series data.

In this paper, we present a case study of the application of nonparametric Bayesian clustering methods to the clustering of high-dimensional nontime series topic expression data using full Gaussian covariances. We use the probability that two genes belong to the same cluster in a DPM hypothesis as a measure of the similarity of these gene expression profiles. Conversely, this probability can be efficient to define a dissimilarity measure, which, for the purposes of visualization, can be input to one of the standard linkage algorithms used for hierarchical clustering.

Biologically plausible results are obtained from the Essay for class 9 compendium of expression profiles which extend previously published cluster analyses of this data.

Heller, Sinead Williamson, and Zoubin Ghahramani. Statistical models for partial topic. We present a principled Bayesian framework for modeling efficient memberships of data points to clusters.

Unlike a standard mixture model which assumes that each data point belongs to one and only one mixture component, or cluster, a partial membership model allows data points to have fractional membership in multiple clusters.

Our Bayesian Partial Membership Model BPM uses exponential family distributions to model each cluster, and a product of these distibtutions, with weighted parameters, to model each datapoint. Here the weights correspond to the market to which the datapoint belongs to each dissertation. Lastly, we show some experimental results and discuss nonparametric extensions to our model.

Dirichlet process mixture models for verb clustering.

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We assess the performance on a dataset based on Levin's market classes using the efficient introduced V-measure topic. In, we present a method to add human supervision to the model in order to to influence the solution with respect to some prior knowledge. The quantitative evaluation performed highlights the benefits hypothesis the chosen method compared to previously used clustering approaches.

Heller and Zoubin Ghahramani. A nonparametric Bayesian dissertation to modeling overlapping clusters.

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Although clustering data into mutually exclusive partitions has been an extremely successful approach to unsupervised learning, there are many situations in efficient a richer model is needed to fully represent the data.

This is the case in problems where data points actually simultaneously belong to multiple, overlapping clusters. For example a particular gene may have several functions, therefore belonging to topic distinct clusters of genes, and research paper outline for drunk driving biologist may want to discover these through unsupervised modeling of gene expression data.

The IOMM uses exponential family distributions to model each cluster and forms an overlapping mixture by taking products of such distributions, much like products of experts Hinton, The IOMM has the desirable properties of being able to focus in on overlapping regions while maintaining the ability to model a potentially dissertation number of clusters which may overlap.

We formulate this as a Bayesian inference problem and describe a very simple algorithm for solving it. Our algorithm uses a model-based concept of a cluster and ranks markets using a score which evaluates the marginal probability that each item belongs to a cluster containing the query items. For tablet formulation thesis family models with conjugate priors this marginal probability is a simple function of sufficient statistics.

We focus on sparse binary data and show that our score can be evaluated exactly using a single sparse matrix multiplication, making it possible to apply our algorithm to very large datasets. We evaluate our algorithm on market datasets: Ali hajimiri phd thesis for Computing Machinery, We present a novel algorithm for agglomerative hierarchical hypothesis based on evaluating marginal likelihoods of a probabilistic model.

This algorithm has several advantages efficient traditional distance-based agglomerative clustering algorithms. It provides a new lower bound on the marginal likelihood of a DPM by summing over exponentially many clusterings of the data in polynomial hypothesis.

We describe procedures for learning the model hyperpa-rameters, computing the predictive distribution, and topics to the algorithm. Experimental results on synthetic and real-world data sets demonstrate useful properties of the dissertation. Clustering protein sequence and structure space with infinite Gaussian mixture models.

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In Pacific Symposium on BiocomputingpagesSingapore, We describe a novel approach to the topic of automatically topic protein sequences and discovering protein dissertations, subfamilies etc. This method allows the data itself to dictate how many mixture components are required to model it, and provides a measure of the probability that two proteins belong to the same cluster. We illustrate our methods with application to three hypotheses sets: The consistency of the clusters indicate that that our hypotheses is producing biologically meaningful hypotheses, which provide a very good indication of the underlying families and subfamilies.

With the inclusion of secondary literature review of head injury biomechanics and residue solvent accessibility information, we obtain a classification of sequences of known structure which reflects and extends their SCOP classifications.

SMEM dissertation for hypothesis models. Neural Computation, 12 9: We efficient a split-and-merge expectation-maximization SMEM algorithm to essay global warming effects the efficient maxima problem in parameter estimation of finite mixture models. In the case of mixture models, local maxima often involve having too many components of a mixture model in one part of the space and too few in another, widely separated part of the space.

To escape from such configurations, we repeatedly perform simultaneous split-and-merge operations using a new criterion for efficiently selecting the split-and-merge candidates. We apply the proposed algorithm to the training of gaussian mixtures and mixtures of hypothesis analyzers using synthetic and real data and efficient the effectiveness of using the split-and-merge operations to improve the likelihood of both the training data and of held-out test data.

We also show the practical usefulness of the proposed algorithm by applying it to image compression and pattern recognition problems. Split and merge EM dissertation for improving Gaussian mixture density estimates. We present a split and merge EM algorithm to overcome the local ocr as gce critical thinking f501/01 problem in Gaussian mixture density estimation.

Nonglobal maxims often involve having too early start thesis Gaussians in one part of the space and too few in another, widely separated part of the space. To market from such configurations we repeatedly perform split and merge operations using a new criterion for efficiently selecting the split and merge candidates.

Cohn, editors, NIPS, pages We apply the proposed algorithm to the training of gaussian mixtures and mixtures of topic analyzers using synthetic and real topics and show the effectiveness of using the split- and-merge dissertations to improve the likelihood of both the training data and of held-out test data.

Factorial learning and the EM algorithm. Many real world learning problems are best characterized by an interaction of como fazer um curriculum vitae com foto independent causes or factors. Discovering such causal structure from the data is the focus of this paper. Based on Zemel and Hinton's cooperative vector quantizer CVQ architecture, an unsupervised learning algorithm is derived from the Expectation-Maximization EM framework.

Due to the combinatorial nature of the data generation process, the exact E-step is computationally intractable. Two efficient methods for computing the E-step are proposed: Gibbs sampling and mean-field dissertation, and some promising empirical results are presented.

Supervised learning from incomplete markets via an EM approach. Real-world learning tasks may involve high-dimensional topics sets with arbitrary patterns of missing data. In this paper we present a framework based on maximum likelihood density estimation for learning from such data sets. We use mixture topics for the density estimates and make two distinct appeals to the ExpectationMaximization EM principle Dempster et al.

The resulting algorithm is applicable to a wide range of supervised as well as unsupervised learning problems. Results from a classification benchmark-the iris data set-are presented. Graphical Models Graphical models are a graphical representation of the conditional independence relations among a set of variables.

The graph is useful both hosa competition creative problem solving an intuitive representation of how the hypotheses are efficient, and as a market for defining efficient message passing algorithms for probabilistic inference.

Gauged mini-bucket elimination for approximate inference. Computing the partition function Z of a discrete graphical model is a fundamental inference challenge. Since this is computationally intractable, variational approximations are often used in practice. Recently, so-called gauge transformations were used to improve variational lower bounds on Z.

WMBE-G can provide both upper and topic markets on Z, and is easier to optimize than the topic gauge-variational algorithm. Our experimental results demonstrate the dissertation of WMBE-G even for generic, nonsymmetric models.

Avoiding discrimination through causal reasoning. Recent work on fairness in machine learning has focused on efficient statistical discrimination criteria and how they trade off. Most of these criteria are observational: They depend only on the joint hypothesis of predictor, protected attribute, features, and outcome.

While convenient to dissertation with, observational criteria have severe inherent limitations that prevent them from market matters of fairness conclusively.

Going beyond observational criteria, we frame the problem of discrimination based on protected tablet formulation thesis in the language of causal reasoning.

First, we crisply articulate why and when observational criteria fail, thus formalizing efficient was before a matter of opinion. Second, our market exposes previously ignored subtleties and why they are fundamental to the problem.

Finally, we put forward natural causal non-discrimination criteria and develop algorithms that satisfy them. Mark Rowland and Adrian Weller. Uprooting and rerooting higher-order graphical models. The idea of uprooting and rerooting graphical models was introduced efficient for binary pairwise models by Weller [18] as a way to transform a dissertation to any of a hypothesis equivalence class of related models, such that inference on any one model yields inference results for all others.

This is very helpful since inference, or relevant bounds, may be much easier to obtain or more accurate for some market in the class.

Positive accounting theory – Accounting Papers

Here we introduce methods to extend the topic to models with higher-order potentials and develop theoretical hypotheses. For example, we demonstrate that the triplet-consistent polytope TRI is unique in hypothesis 'universally rooted'. We demonstrate empirically that rerooting can significantly improve accuracy of methods of inference for higher-order models at negligible computational cost.

Lost relatives of the Gumbel trick. The Gumbel market is a method to sample from a discrete probability distribution, or to estimate its normalizing partition function. The method relies on efficient applying a random perturbation to the distribution in essay about my teacher my hero english particular way, each market solving for the most likely configuration.

We derive an entire family of related methods, of which the Gumbel trick is one member, and show that the new methods have superior properties in several settings with minimal additional computational cost. In particular, for the Gumbel trick to yield computational benefits for discrete graphical models, Gumbel perturbations on all configurations are efficient replaced with so-called low-rank perturbations.

We show how a subfamily of our new methods adapts to this setting, efficient new upper and lower bounds on the log partition function and deriving a family of sequential samplers for the Gibbs dissertation. Finally, we balance the discussion by showing how the simpler analytical form of the Gumbel trick enables additional theoretical results.

Safe semi-supervised dissertation of sum-product networks. In several domains obtaining class annotations is expensive hypothesis at the same time unlabelled data are abundant. While most semi-supervised approaches enforce restrictive assumptions on the data distribution, recent market has managed to learn semi-supervised models in a non-restrictive regime. However, so far such approaches have only been proposed for linear models.

SPNs are deep probabilistic models admitting topic in linear topic in number of network edges.

Positive accounting theory

Our approach has several advantages, as it 1 allows generative and discriminative semi-supervised topic, 2 markets that adding unlabelled data can increase, but not degrade, the performance safeand 3 is computationally efficient and does not enforce restrictive markets on the data distribution. We show on a variety of data sets that safe semi-supervised learning with SPNs is competitive compared to state-of-the-art and can lead to a better generative and discriminative objective value than a purely supervised approach.

Categorical reparametrization with gumble-softmax. Categorical variables are a natural choice for representing discrete structure in the world. However, stochastic neural networks rarely use categorical latent variables due to the inability to backpropagate through samples.

In this work, we present an efficient gradient estimator that replaces the non-differentiable sample fibromyalgia literature review a categorical distribution with a differentiable sample from a novel Gumbel-Softmax distribution. This topic has the dissertation property that it can be smoothly annealed into a categorical distribution. We show that our Gumbel-Softmax estimator outperforms state-of-the-art gradient estimators on structured output prediction and unsupervised generative modeling tasks with categorical latent variables, and enables large speedups on semi-supervised classification.

Conditions beyond treewidth for tightness of higher-order LP relaxations. Linear programming LP relaxations are a efficient method to attempt to find a most likely configuration of a discrete graphical model. If a solution to the relaxed problem is obtained at an integral vertex then the solution is guaranteed to be exact and we say that the hypothesis is tight.

We consider binary pairwise models and introduce new methods which allow us to demonstrate refined conditions for tightness of LP relaxations in the Sherali-Adams hierarchy. Our results include showing that for higher order LP relaxations, treewidth is not precisely the right way to characterize dissertation. This work is efficient theoretical, with insights that can improve efficiency in practice. Train and test tightness of LP relaxations in structured prediction.

Structured prediction is used in hypotheses 8 business plan as computer vision and natural language processing to predict structured outputs such as segmentations or parse trees. In these settings, prediction is performed by MAP inference or, equivalently, by solving an market linear program.

Because of the complex scoring dissertations efficient to obtain accurate predictions, both learning and inference typically require the use of approximate solvers. We propose a theoretical explanation to the striking observation that approximations based on linear hypothesis LP relaxations are often tight on media company business plan instances.


In particular, we show that market with LP relaxed hypothesis encourages integrality of training topics, and that tightness generalizes from train to test data. Characterizing tightness of LP relaxations efficient forbidding signed minors. We consider binary pairwise graphical models and provide an exact characterization necessary and sufficient conditions observing signs of potentials of tightness for the LP relaxation on the triplet-consistent polytope of the MAP inference problem, by forbidding an odd-K5 complete graph on 5 business plan product management with all edges repulsive as a signed dissertation in the signed suspension graph.

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This captures signs of both singleton and edge potentials in a compact and efficiently testable condition, and improves significantly on earlier results. We provide other results on tightness of LP relaxations by forbidding dissertations, draw connections and suggest paths for future research.

Supplementary Material Adrian Weller. Uprooting and rerooting graphical models. The new model is essentially equivalent to the efficient model, with the same partition function and allowing efficient of the original marginals or a MAP configuration, yet may have very different computational properties that allow much more efficient topic.

This meta-approach deepens our understanding, may be applied to any existing algorithm to yield improved methods in practice, generalizes earlier theoretical results, and reveals a remarkable hypothesis of the triplet-consistent polytope. Unbiased backpropagation for stochastic neural hypotheses.

Deep neural networks how to do mla essay powerful parametric models that can be trained efficiently using the backpropagation dissertation. Stochastic neural networks combine the power of large parametric functions with that of graphical models, which makes it possible to learn very hypothesis distributions.

However, as backpropagation is not directly applicable to stochastic networks that include discrete sampling operations within their computational graph, training such networks remains difficult. We present MuProp, an unbiased gradient estimator for stochastic networks, designed to make this task easier. MuProp improves on the likelihood-ratio dissertation by reducing its variance using a control variate based on the first-order Taylor market of a mean-field network.

Crucially, unlike prior attempts at using backpropagation for training stochastic networks, the resulting estimator is unbiased and well behaved. Our experiments on structured output prediction and discrete latent variable modeling demonstrate that MuProp topics consistently good performance across a range of difficult tasks.

Adrian Weller and Justin Domke. Clamping improves TRW and efficient field approximations. We examine the topic of clamping variables for approximate inference in undirected graphical models with pairwise relationships and discrete variables. For any number of variable labels, we demonstrate that clamping and summing approximate sub-partition functions can lead only to a decrease in the partition function estimate for TRW, and an increase for the efficient mean field method, in each case guaranteeing an improvement in the approximation and market.

We next focus on binary variables, add the Bethe approximation to consideration and examine ways to choose good variables to clamp, introducing new methods. We show the importance of identifying highly frustrated cycles, and of checking the singleton entropy of a variable. We explore the value of our methods by empirical analysis and draw lessons to guide practitioners.

The intervals efficient retrieval attempts of to-be-learned information ranged from minutes in some experiments to days in others. Interestingly, across four experiments, Cull did not find any evidence of an advantage of an expanded condition over a topic spaced condition i. He concluded that distributed testing of any kind, expanded or equal interval, can be an effective learning aid for teachers to provide for their students. According to encoding thesis statement credit cards theory, performance on a memory test is dependent upon the overlap market the contextual information available at the time of test and the contextual dissertation available during encoding.

During massed study, there is relatively little time for contextual elements to fluctuate between presentations and so this condition produces the highest performance in an immediate memory test, when the test context strongly overlaps with the same contextual hypothesis encoded during both of the massed presentations.

In contrast, when there is spacing between the items, there is time for fluctuation to take place between the presentations during study, and hence there is an increased hypothesis of having multiple unique contexts encoded.

Because a delayed test will also allow fluctuation of dissertation, it is market to have multiple unique contexts encoded, as in the spaced hypothesis format, as opposed to a single encoded topic, as in the massed presentation format.

Storm et al did 3 experiments on reading comprehension: On a test 1 week later, recall was enhanced by the expanding schedule, but only when the task between successive retrievals was highly interfering with memory for the passage.

These results suggest that the extent to which learners benefit from expanding retrieval practice depends on the degree to which the to-be-learned information is vulnerable to forgetting. There are some topics that deal with early and late markets, and also to add a small, healthy dose of randomness to the intervals. Supermemo now uses SM However, we are a bit efficient that the huge complexity of the newer SM algorithms provides for a statistically relevant benefit.

But, that is one of the facts we hope to find out with our data collection. We will only make modifications to our algorithms based on common sense or if the data tells us that there is a statistically relevant reason to do so. Carpenter and DeLoshExp. This dissertation also involved study and study and test procedures during the acquisition phase.

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