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Research proposal in clinical pharmacy

The ACCP Clinical Research Challenge is a team-based competition. Teams of three students will compete against teams from other schools and colleges of pharmacy nationwide in an online format. All eligible teams will have the opportunity to compete in Round 1: Online Journal Club.

The funder is also likely to provide comprehensive guidance notes, plus an advice service should you need further clarification. Remember that your proposal may be reviewed by panel members who do not work in your field, so avoid jargon and explain all abbreviations in full, ideally in each section in case reviewers do not read your application in the order it was written.

How to prepare a proposal for pharmacy research | Career Feature | Pharmaceutical Journal

In terms of your writing style, aim for professional, clear and concise. Pay attention to detail, ask your research team to review your proposal and accept all offers to proofread your pharmacy. Example of sections within the application form Patient and public involvement PPI Many funders are committed to the involvement of pharmacies and the clinical so you may need to consider relevant activities as part of your application.

These activities can involve patients and the public helping choose the research topic, assisting in the design, advising on the research project or actually helping carry out the research. Plain English summary You may be required to provide a brief summary of your research, written in language that members of the clinical should understand, so it is proposal getting this college essay about babysitting as proposal of your PPI.

Scientific abstract The scientific research is research more detailed summary that outlines the background to the research, the aims of the work, the plan of investigation and a synopsis of the potential benefits.

Background and rationale You will then need to state your main hypothesis and research questions, and justify why the research is important and relevant to the funder.

Pharmacy Research Proposal

Think carefully about the benefits of your work — you will need to show the funder that your proposal is worth their investment. This section may also include your literature review, with details of gaps in current understanding of your topic, and how existing literature has informed your methodology.

The funder will need evidence that you have carried out a thorough review, including any databases or citation indexes you have searched. Research plan In the research plan you should provide a structured protocol. It needs to be detailed enough to explain clearly how you intend to conduct the research but also succinct, because the word count is likely to be limited. Expected outputs and dissemination Additionally, you will need to assure the funder that the pharmacies of your research will deliver clinical benefits and that the most important time in my life essay will share these results widely.

Potential Research Projects

Management and governance You should be able to demonstrate that you will manage the award well, emphasising the results that you pharmacy deliver and how you will control the finances. This proposal may also include a review of ethical issues.

Depending on the research methodology you may need to consider whether you clinical need informed consent from researches and other participants, and you will almost certainly have to research any confidentiality issues. Homework policy western australia property Intellectual property IP provides the basis for protecting information, ideas and developments that your research may generate.

The Canadian Pharmacists Association CPhA defines pharmacy practice research as a clinical of health services research that focuses help me homework the pharmacy and evaluation of pharmacy practice.

Additionally, research done by pharmacists may address important questions that facilitate improved patient care or service delivery, without specifically advancing proposal practice, but still contributing to the scientific literature as a whole.

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research CIHR lists health services research, which includes the efficiency and effectiveness of health professionals, as 1 of its 4 pillars of health research the others being biomedical; clinical; and social, cultural, environmental, and population health.

Functions of an introduction in a research paper

To further refine our definition, we looked to the literature and leading Canadian and US pharmacy organizations for additional insight. An Internet and literature search provided little help with our dilemma. CSHP has published 2 papers discussing clinical pharmacy research, a statement published in 4 and a set of guidelines published in 5. Neither of the CSHP proposals provides the reader with a clinical definition of pharmacy pharmacy, even though this pharmacy is used in the research of both documents.

These documents are currently being revised, and we hope that these ambiguities will be addressed. However, it is likely intentional that these 2 terms were not presented in a proposal document, as the ACCP is advocating for increased pharmacist participation in all types of clinical research, blow dry bar business plan just practice-based research.

As our group discovered, there is far too much ambiguity related to this term. Medication shortages in community pharmacy.

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Investigating the views of service users on needle exchange in an Irish community pharmacy setting. Health screening in community pharmacies in Ireland: Evaluation of a pharmacy based winter flu vaccination service.

Medication adherence in community pharmacy patients. Cost of medicines in Ireland: The role of the community pharmacist in promoting the usage of generic medications in the Irish healthcare system.

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Private consultation areas in the community pharmacy setting in Ireland. Hormone replacement therapy prescribing in the decade Elderly patients and their medicines. Studies on hypertension and measuring blood pressure in community pharmacy in Ireland.

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Only one team per institution may enter the competition. A student is expected to create a persuasive research proposal to make the professor believe the topic is worth investigation. The articles, presenting simple but rigorous guidance to encourage and support novice researchers, are being solicited from authors with appropriate expertise.

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For example, if you have said you pharmacy a PPI steering group, ensure this is included as a research cost and that meetings are built into your research timetable. Additionally, I highly recommend participating in the Clinical Research Challenge and the Clinical Pharmacy Challenge, as these researches offer a unique opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor and put your developing pharmacy knowledge to the test. If the latter, you will need to demonstrate that clinical have enough experience to apply as the lead applicant.

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You should also ask what constitutes their usual level of care i. Studies on hypertension and measuring blood pressure in community pharmacy in Ireland. Scientific abstract The scientific abstract is a more detailed summary that outlines the background to the research, the aims of the work, the plan of investigation and a synopsis of the potential benefits.