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Year 11 higher homework 6

HIGHER MATHS HOME EXERCISE ANSWERS HOME EXERCISE 1 1. 4 3 m, 2 1 c 2. y x 5 3. 2 13 k 7 p or! 5 Duncanrig Secondary School – Mathematics Department HOME EXERCISE 5 1. y 2x 4 2. k 1 3. p 14 4. Remainder, g(2) 3 5. 4y – x = 13 6.

Year 11 Maths Worksheets Pdf

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The club runs on a drop-in basis, so students can attend as and when they require some extra support with their maths or to complete their homework. Students are assessed at either Foundation grades 1 to 5 or Higher grades 4 to 9. Therefore, it is also the perfect opportunity for students to hear explanations from other maths teachers in the department instead of just from their own teacher.