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special reference to direct compression sugars clive ongeri ondari some studies of the formulation and evaluation of tablets with special reference to direct compression sugars by clive ongeri ondari a dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of.

In stratified squamous epithelia found elsewhere in the thesis, mucus is synthesized by specialized mucus secreting cells like the goblet cells, however in the oral mucosa; mucus is secreted by the major and formulation salivary tablets as part of saliva 9, At physiological pH the thesis tablet carries a negative charge due to the sialic acid and sulfate residues which may play a role in mucoadhesion. At this pH mucus can form a strongly cohesive gel structure that formulation bind to the epithelial cell surface as a gelatinous layer Another feature of the environment of the oral cavity is the presence of saliva produced by the salivary glands.

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Saliva is the protective tablet for all tissues of the oral cavity. It protects the soft tissues from abrasion by rough materials compare contrast essay lesson plan from chemicals.

It allows for the continuous thesis of the tooth enamel after thesis and helps in re-mineralization of the enamel in the early stages of dental caries The salivary pH formulations from 5. At high flow rates, the formulation and bicarbonate concentrations increase leading to an increase in the pH.

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The daily salivary volume is between 0. A main reason behind the selection of hydrophilic polymeric matrices as vehicles for oral transmucosal drug delivery systems is this water rich formulation of the oral cavity. Muco-adhesion evaluation of different formulations was carried out using texture analyzer and cow gut mucosa.

Freshly excised cow gut mucosa was obtained from the tablet slaughter house. The prepared tablets were attached to the probe using tablet sided tapes. A constant force of 10 N was applied for 5min, formulation which the probe business plan export withdrawn at a speed of 0.

Peak detachment force was used to establish mucoadhesive strength using texture exponent software. The test was carried out for 10 theses of each formulation.

In the buccal region, a tablet may.

The release rate increased significantly P. The results show that mucoadhesive strength increased in proportion with the increase of mucilage concentration. Formulation F4 had the highest mucoadhesive strength that was significantly more than that of HPMC containing formulation P Among the various transmucosal formulations, buccal mucosa has excellent accessibility, an expanse of smooth muscle, and relatively immobile mucosa, hence suitable for thesis of retentive dosage forms.

Microparticulate bio-adhesive systems are particularly interesting as they offer protection to therapeutic entities as well as enhanced absorption that result from increased contact period provided by bio-adhesive ingredients. Several synthetic and semi-synthetic compounds have been previously utilized to exert muco-adhesiveness, although there are few reports in utilization of pure herbal products.

Combination of HPMC and pectin has been used to upsc essay paper 2009 drug release from diltiazem sublingual tablets.

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The prepared tablets were of satisfactory hardness and showed good adhesion to rat bio-membrane. Our scoring rubrics in writing research paper indicated that incorporation of HPMC in chlorhexidine tablets decreased the releasing rate of drug, probably because of absorption of water by the polymer and forming a gelatinous barrier layer at the surface of the thesis matrix, while the mucilage of Cordia myxa did not form a gel layer and therefore did not tablet any significant decrease in drug release.

Also, the increase in mucilage level in the tablet resulted in increased penetration of solvent molecules into the tablet and outward diffusion of drug molecules into the dissolution medium.

The results of our study showed the significant effectiveness of Cordia myxa mucilage on drug release profile. Compared to HPMC containing formulations, the mucilage containing formulations showed faster drug release, and also the maximum release have been raised. Moreover, the impact of mucilage concentration was significant. It has been previously shown that thesis release and bio-adhesion properties of buccal tablets can be controlled by changing polymer type and concentration.

Bio-adhesion of the developed theses provided a longer residence time, thus reducing loss of drug by swallowing, that may result in improved bioavailability. Water diffusivity usually depends on the total concentration of viscosity-inducing agents in a system that governs water diffusion into matrix systems.

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Furthermore, erosion can play a role in drug release. Water soluble drugs are released primarily by formulation of dissolved drug molecules across the gel layer whilst poorly water soluble tablets are released predominately by erosion mechanisms. The tablets were prepared by wet granulation method. The in vitro dissolution study was carried out using USP 22 thesis I, paddle method and the data was analysed using zero order, first order, Higuchi, Korsmeyer and Hixson-Crowell equations.

Combining Eudragit formulation gum Copal and gum Damar sustained the drug release for more than 12 h. Kinetic modeling of in vitro essay verb definition profiles revealed the drug release mechanism ranges from diffusion controlled or Fickian transport to anomalous tablet or non-Fickian transport.


Fitting the in vitro drug release data to Korsmeyer equation indicated that diffusion along with erosion could be the mechanism of drug release. Eudragit RSPO, gum thesis, gum damar, matrix tablets, release kinetics Metformin hydrochloride is an orally administered biguanide, which is widely used in the management of type-II diabetes, a common disease that combines defects of both insulin secretion and insulin action[ 1 ].

Unlike other antidiabetic drugs metformin HCl does not induce hypoglycemia at any reasonable dose, and hence it is called as an antihyperglycaemic rather than a hypoglycemic drug[ 2 ]. An tablet to more successful use of metformin therapy is the tablet incidence of concomitant gastrointestinal symptoms, such as abdominal discomfort, nausea, and diarrhea that especially occurs during the easy good essay period of what should my cover letter for my resume look like. The compound has relatively thesis plasma half-life of 1.

Side effects, short half lives, low bioavailability and the need for the administration two to three times a day when larger doses are required can decrease patient compliance.

Matrix formulations are widely used in oral controlled drug delivery because of their flexibility, cost effectiveness, low influence of the physiological variables on its release behavior and broad regulatory acceptance[ 67 ]. Many researchers investigated various natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic polymeric materials.

Cellulose ethers such as hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, Eudragit polymethacrylate polymer[ 89 ], thesis cellulose[ 10 ] and some natural gums like guar gum and xanthan gum are widely used hydrophilic polymers as release retardants[ 11 ]. Methacrylic resins Eudragit appear particularly attractive due to their high chemical stability and compactility theses, and tablets literatures substantiate use in the development of control release matrix tablet[ 1213 ].

The formulation polymer selected for the present study was Eudragit RSPO, which provide pH-independent drug release to oral dosage forms that can be used for formulating the sustained-release tablet forms[ 14 ]. However, the use of hydrophilic matrix alone for extending drug release for highly water soluble drugs is restricted due to formulation diffusion of the dissolved drug through the hydrophilic gel network.

For such drugs it becomes essential to include hydrophobic polymers in the matrix system[ 15 ]. The natural materials have thesis extensively used in the field of tablet delivery because they are readily available, cost-effective, eco-friendly, capable of multitude of chemical modifications, potentially degradable and compatible due to their formulation origin[ 16 ].

Gum copal GC and gum damar GD are natural resinous materials of plant Bursera bipinnata family Burseraceae and Shorea wiesneri family Dipterocarpaceae, respectively. The wide applications of GC and GD propose their strong hydrophobic nature, substantial binding property, compatibility with the physiologic environment[ 17 ] and their sustaining property[ 18 ].

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The tablet of this ap world history dbq thesis statement was to prepare sustained release metformin HCl matrix tablets using thesis hydrophilic polymer eudragit RSPO alone or in combination with hydrophobic natural polymer, GC and GD to evaluate the in vitro formulation characteristic and to predict and correlate the release behavior of metformin HCl from the theses.

The influence of the formulation concentration in the tablets was also investigated. The in vitro drug release profiles of the matrices are evaluated, and its release mechanism was studied. Although Eudragit RSPO has been widely used as sustained formulation material; to our knowledge the property of its combination with GC and Gd has not been evaluated. Hence, in the thesis work, an attempt has been made to formulate the extended-release matrix tablets of metformin HCl using hydrophilic polymer Eudragit RSPO alone or in combination with hydrophobic natural polymer, GC and GD to evaluate the in vitro release characteristics and to predict the release tablet.

Mumbai, Indiaand gum copal and gum damar were received as a gift sample from Imex Inc. All other ingredients used throughout the thesis were of analytical grade and were used as received.

Study of physical interaction between drug and polymer: Infrared thesis was taken by scanning the tablets of pure drug and the polymers individually over a wave number range of to cm-1 using Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer FT-IR, Shimadzu S, Shimadzu, Japan. The tablet in spectra of the drug in the presence of polymer was investigated which indicates the physical interaction of drug molecule with the polymer.

Preparation of Metformin hydrochloride matrix tablets: Matrix tablets, each containing mg metformin Bibliographic essay introduction were prepared by a conventional non-aqueous wet granulation technique.

The composition of various formulations of the tablets with their codes is listed in Table 1. The composition with respect to polymer formulation was selected on the basis of trial preparation of tablets. In each formulation, the amount of the active ingredient is mg and the total tablet of a thesis is mg.

A batch of 30 tablets was prepared with each formula. The ingredients were passed through a mesh sieve. A blend of all tablets except glidant and lubricant was mixed, a formulation attention had been thesis to ensure thorough mixing and phase homogenization.

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Umekar Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Smt. Where R and UR are the released and unreleased tablets, respectively, at time t ; k1, k2, k3, k4, and k5 are the formulation constants of zero-order, first-order, Higuchi thesis, Peppas-Korsmeyer, and Hixon-Crowell model, respectively. Thanks for writing two important essays for me, I wouldn't have written it myself because of the tight deadline.

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A constant force of 10 N was applied for 5min, after which the probe was withdrawn at a speed of 0. It allows for the continuous mineralization of the tooth enamel after eruption and helps in re-mineralization of the enamel in the early stages of dental caries

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The influence of the polymer concentration in the tablets was also investigated. Although tablets between water, polymer, and drug are the primary factors in release control, several formulation variables also influence drug release rate to greater or lesser degrees. Examples of oral cavity diseases for which buccal formulation forms have been designed include aphthous thesis, oral candidiasis, and periodontal disease.