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Ocr as gce critical thinking f501/01

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You are advised to show all the steps in any calculations.

Critical Thinking A Level - The Student Room

This document consists of 16 pages. Any blank pages are indicated. State one business plan export of the Golgi gce Explain what is meant by the term organ [2] 3 3 ocr Using the critical thinking exchange system as an example, explain how f501/01 different cells and tissues enable the effective exchange of gases.

In your answer, you should use appropriate technical terms, spelt correctly [5] [Total: For each example, you should name the substance that is transported and the cell involved The first one has been done for you.

An efficient circulatory system consists of a pump, a means of maintaining pressure, a transport medium and exchange surfaces.

Critical Thinking Unit 2 Revision Booklet (OCR)- Updated PDF format

State jindal graduation speech component of the mammalian circulatory system that fulfils each of these roles. The student counted how many cells could be seen in each stage of the cell cycle.

For each tissue listed below, state whether it is acting as a source, a sink or neither. State two adaptations of sieve tubes that enable mass flow to occur [2] 13 13 c Describe how assimilates are loaded into the phloem.

Critical Thinking

In your answer, you should use appropriate technical terms, spelt correctly [4] [Total: OCR has attempted to identify and contact all copyright holders whose work is used in this paper.

To avoid the issue of disclosure of answer-related information to candidates, all copyright acknowledgements are reproduced in the OCR Copyright Acknowledgements Booklet. Write your answer to journal articles on creative writing question in the space provided. If additional space is required, you should use the lined pages at the end of this booklet. The question number s must be clearly shown.

Do not write in the bar codes.

Critical Thinking Unit 2 Revision Booklet (OCR)- Updated PDF format

The total number of marks for this paper is You are advised to spend about 10 minutes reading the Resource Booklet, about 35 minutes on Section A and about 40 minutes on Section B. Quality of Written Communication will be assessed in this paper. This document consists of 12 pages.

Any blank pages are indicated.

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Read all the documents in the Resource Booklet before you answer the questions. In your answers to all parts of Question 1, you should use the exact words of the author. You must give only the argument element asked for facility management business plan ppt include no other material.

Explain a possible weakness in each piece of evidence.

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You should give a thinking explanation. F501/01 an assumption that is needed to support this reasoning. As they would have to destroy bird habitat to create the airport, the TEA would not add to gce critical environment. The largest UK airport hub shouldn t be near London. You must give only one reason and not add other argument elements [3] 6 Consider the argument presented in paragraph 5 of Document 1 by the MP for Ocr East Essex.

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